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7 Reasons Why Our Wellington Childcare Centre is Right for You

It’s not always easy when you live in or around Wellington to find the perfect childcare centre. One that is convenient and holistic, diverse and environmentally-friendly. Luckily, Brooklyn Kids ticks all the boxes, and then some. Here are seven reasons why our daycare centre in Wellington central is right for you.

1. An excellent location

Whether you live or work in Wellington central, our daycare is conveniently located in Brooklyn Village (find us on Google Maps), making life easier for you and your family. It’s walking distance for local families, close to many Wellington CBD workplaces, and a short distance from Te Aro, Mt Cook and Newtown. It’s not far from local schools, libraries and other child-friendly inner-city facilities.

2. A holistic approach to early childhood education

The latest research in early childhood education shows how important it is to nurture a child’s physical, emotional and psychological self. That’s why our Wellington daycare centre is filled with passionate teachers who let tamariki experience the world and pursue their individual interests in a safe, nurturing and comfortable space. We look at the full picture, fostering the happiness and development, open-mindedness and genuine relationships that will be the foundation of their learning.

3. Age-specific rooms for your children

There is so much development during the first five years of life and our infants, toddlers and preschoolers are all at very different phases of life. By splitting our childcare centre into three rooms, our teachers can truly connect with the needs of children at each stage, nurturing infants, sparking toddler curiosity and fostering the independence of preschoolers.

4. Diversity

Wellington is a multi-cultural city, and our daycare centre reflects this. Our tamariki and kaiako are from a variety of backgrounds, ethnicities and religions. We love learning about the many different cultures of our whanau and community and including them in the classroom. Plus, we have a bilingual teaching team and highly value incorporating te Reo Maori in our curriculum.

5. Nutritious meals

A healthy, balanced diet is crucial to our tamariki – but as any parent knows, achieving this each day can be easier said than done! When you send your children to Brooklyn Kids childcare Wellington, we provide nutritious snacks and lunches prepared by our in-house chef, giving you a break from the endless cycle of preparing, cooking and packing healthy food.

6. Sustainability

Sustainability is of utmost importance and taking care of the planet begins with our youngest children. By instilling sustainable practices in our tamariki’s daily lives, we set up the next generation with respect for the planet and the skills to take care of it. To achieve this, we teach children the Three R’s – reduce, reuse and recycle – and involve them in our worm farm and veggie garden. We work with local and sustainable suppliers where possible and use the Storypark app to communicate with caregivers while cutting down on paper.

7. Connection with nature

Alongside sustainability, we know how valuable it is for children to have regular connections with the natural world. We encourage tamariki to freely roam around outside and we marvel at the many ways they engage with nature. Digging in the sand; creating their own world out of leaves and sticks; examining the insects on the grass, the worms in the soil and the birds in the trees.

Looking for a childcare centre in Wellington where your children will thrive? Give Brooklyn Kids a call at 04 802 5782 or pop into our Brooklyn Village daycare for a visit.