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Five Ways to Foster Creativity in Early Childhood

Living in Wellington, we are lucky to be surrounded by wonder and creativity at every turn. To make sure this continues for generations to come, we need to foster this trait in our community’s youngest members. At Brooklyn Kids, found in Wellington CBD and a short distance from Te Aro, Mt Cook and Newtown, we are always looking out for ways to foster this all-important skill. Here’s five ways we nurture creativity at daycare, all of which you can easily adopt at home!

1. Child-led play

Child-led play – or free play – is when you let children decide What, When, and How to play. Instead of instructing them on how to play ‘properly’, you’re giving them freedom to explore and experiment, letting them pursue their own interests and push past their own limitations. Our Wellington central childcare centre focuses strongly on child-led play, which has been proven time and again to be the best way for young children to not just learn, but also enjoy the process of learning.

2. Outdoor time

We all feel better when we spend time outdoors, soaking up the sun and breathing in the fresh air, but for preschoolers, outdoor time also plays a huge role in nurturing creativity. The natural environment is filled with variety and intrigue, it is dynamic and alive, and this leads to effortless exploration. At our daycare in Wellington CBD, we can practically see our tamariki’s minds expand and imagination flourish as they dig in the dirt, gather fallen leaves and gaze at the sky, trying to figure out why one day there’s sunshine and the next there’s rain.

3. Open-ended questions

Asking children open-ended questions encourages them to think and consider their answers, and the imagination in their responses never cease to amaze. While questions with one-word answers – like ‘yes’, ‘dog’, or ‘blue’ – have their place, asking questions where they have to come up with a more complicated answer encourages them to dig a little deeper and start to truly think for themselves.

4. Lead by example

If we want to get our children to embrace their creative sides, sometimes we have to meet them halfway! Can you build a rocket ship out of a couple cardboard boxes? Can you turn your hallway into an obstacle course? Try to find your inner child and explore the world with complete openness and curiosity. And if you need some help getting started, our childcare teachers are the perfect people to talk to for ideas.

5. Music and dance

Creativity is all about self-expression, and there’s truly nothing that encourages this art more than music and dance. At our Wellington CBD childcare centre, we regularly have dance parties, singing and waiata, and we love seeing children move and groove to the beat. Our youngest tamariki often sit quietly, taking it all in, but at a certain age their natural rhythm kicks in and the twirls, jumps and hip shaking begins. The delightful dance of preschoolers is literally building their brain and setting the stage for boundless imagination.

Looking for a daycare centre in Wellington CBD?

For an early childcare centre that promotes imagination from day dot, get in touch with Brooklyn Kids. Situated in Wellington central and a short drive from Te Aro, Newtown and Mt Cook, our daycare centre is the perfect place for families keen on creativity.