Early Learning Centre Wellington

Food For Thought at Brooklyn Kids

Brooklyn Kids is proud to serve Wellington CBD, Wellington Central, Te Aro, Newtown, and Mount Cook areas. We are also proud to serve up the most nutritious snacks and lunches to your little ones while they are at our daycare. Our philosophy is fresh, seasonal food and we believe that for growth and development nutrition is a cornerstone.

Picky Eaters

Starting childcare can be a tricky transition for everyone in the family. Our staff are mindful that your tamariki may like things a certain way when it comes to eating. With open communication we can make sure that, to some degree, your child’s likes and dislikes can be catered for. We make sure to serve up lots of variety and create a calm and convivial atmosphere at meal times.

Yes Chef!

At Brooklyn Kids Childcare Wellington, we are treated to Chef prepared food every day, we have a menu that you can request which runs alongside the seasons, hot and hearty in the winter and a little lighter in the warmer months. Our daycare kitchen operates according to all the relevant codes and regulations and of course it’s safety first.

The Nuts and Bolts

It’s great for whanau to leave the house in the morning without having to sort lunches and snacks for the kids. It’s part of the service we provide, and we take that responsibility seriously. We encourage parents to specify in detail any allergies or intolerances – even preferences – when they enrol their tamariki.

We have a good system for keeping track of what your child mustn’t eat, and we work hard to provide alternatives so everyone at our Wellington daycare feels included at meal times. Whether your child is highly allergic to nuts, intolerant of gluten, or needs a low sugar diet, at Brooklyn Kids we are flexible and understanding of your differing needs.

Meat Me at Brooklyn Kids Childcare

Some daycare families are plant based, some like dairy but not meat, some whanau eat fish but not fowl. Whatever your reason for your whanau food choices, we have your back, you can relax knowing that our Chef will cater for your needs with a well-balanced approach and no judgement.

If it’s time to talk childcare, get in touch with Brooklyn Kids Childcare Wellington, we intake from Te Aro, Mt Cook, Brooklyn and Wellington Central and CBD. You can be sure your child’s nutritional needs are taken care of at our daycare, and when you are choosing a childcare entre, that is definitely food for thought.