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How Brooklyn Kids Embraces Outdoor Learning

At Brooklyn Kids childcare in Wellington central, we are always looking for ways to foster a sense of belonging and to encourage our childcare whanau to understand that we are all connected. These connections extend out into our community here in Wellington, and we like to think that our natural environment is part of that community.


Papatuanuku (Mother Earth) is the ground that we all walk on, and this is where we live. Children have a natural curiosity about the world around them and at Brooklyn Kids we love to learn about the plants and animals, the mountains and rivers, and the creatures from the beaches. Our Wellington CBD childcare believe that by learning about the surrounding environment, our Tamariki will be more inclined to protect and respect nature and all its beauty.


Along with learning the names of things and finding out what insects and birds live in different ecosystems, we can also include Papataunuku in our maths and science discovery. Getting outside and playing with dirt and sand and water is a great way to measure things and see how they interact with one another. Learning about how plants grow, what they need to thrive, and getting our hands in the soil is all on the table at Brooklyn Kids Childcare Wellington.


Children living in the Wellington CBD are lucky to have access to some great nature trails, and at Brooklyn Kids childcare we love to explore the parks and beaches. Our childcare centre welcomes tamariki across Wellington Central, Newtown, Te Aro, and Mt Cook. These areas all have easy access to Wellington’s awesome town belt – and we are particularly close to Brooklyn’s Central Park. This park is rich with native trees and birdlife and our tamariki can picnic and explore this special place as part of our learning and play.


We are always looking for great spots to visit around Wellington Central and we love to have parents and caregivers along when we explore our natural environment. Get in touch with us if you think there is a special place we should visit, or if you would like to join us and help connect our tamariki with Papataunuku. Let’s all work together to give our kids the best start, by feeling connected to our environment we ensure a bright future for our kids.

We include children at Brooklyn Kids from Wellington Central, Newtown, Te Aro, Mt Cook, Wellington CBD – and of course Brooklyn! Give us a call about enrolling today.