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Keeping Parents and Family Connected at Brooklyn Kids Childcare

Here at Brooklyn Kids childcare in Wellington, we understand it can sometimes feel difficult when you drop your child off at daycare in the morning. Some days you just wish you could stay and play and learn with your child, but life keeps on rolling. We want to make sure that you always feel included in the special moments that happen when you aren’t around. Childcare can be a big part of life for your tamariki and staying in touch with their growth and development means that everyone in your whanau gets to feel connected to each other – even when you have to spend time apart.

The Storypark App

One of the ways that we stay in touch at Brooklyn Kids is by using the Storypark App, this app is a great way we take advantage of technology to keep communication flowing and keep everyone in the loop with what tamariki are up to while they’re here with us at daycare. Storypark lets us share videos, pictures, and notices, and you get your own login and password. This means you can choose to share things with people in your family, or with friends who like to keep up with what your little ones are learning. Storypark is especially great when we head out on an excursion, to capture those special moments where your child is experiencing things for the first time.

Keep A Digital Record

Keeping a record of all your children’s art and crafts has never been easier. At our Wellington Central childcare centre, we upload high-quality images to your child’s e-portfolio, and if you were to move away, you would take your Storypark login with you to your new daycare. Of course, we also keep a paper portfolio for those very special pieces of art that you want to bring home and frame for the wall, but you no longer need to haul every single piece home with you. Everything is dated in your little one’s portfolio, and it’s such a great way to look back on their progress and interests.

Stay Abreast of Events

We are all leading increasingly busy lives, and it’s easy for things to fall through the cracks – even more so when you are dealing with a preschool kid. It’s important to the team at Brooklyn Kids to make sure everyone has a chance to be involved, and the Storypark App is a really useful tool for keeping up with events, notices, milestones, and payments. We try to keep our paper use to a minimum, and Storypark means fewer printouts going home in our daycare kids’ bags. You can set up alerts, post on the community page, check your billing info and pay your fees – it’s a one-stop childcare shop!

At Brooklyn Kids we encourage all our childcare whanau across Wellington CBD, Wellington Central, Te Aro, Newtown, and Mt Cook to engage with Storypark – get in touch if you need a hand to download the App, it’s the best way to stay in touch!